About us

Proveedora La Perla S.A. de C.V. is a company dedicated to manufacturing pet food.
We are a company designed to meet the needs of our customers throughout Mexico and abroad.

The company is made up of workers, technicians, and professionals in the area of administration and production, whose competence has been demonstrated based on their education, experience and skills.


Proveedora La Perla S.A. de C.V. is a manufacturing company dedicated to the production of pet food, in compliance with Mexican Standards.

Politics of the Company

Proveedora La Perla S.A. de C.V. is a company that is responsible for meeting both national and international standards.

It complies with the area of Ecology, and Safety and Hygiene, for the protection of its employees and the environment.

Complying with food safety standards, it serves to protect pet health and consumer law.

All this is through a quality management system that integrates safety, efficiency and transparency of its processes; and supported by a continuous improvement and enhanced by communication between people.

To be a 100% Mexican company that stands to maintain the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction, caring for the environment around us, encouraging the development and improvement of our people.

To be a World Class company, a leader in the production of pet food that is known for its market participation, and that maintains family as a core value.

Food Security Policy

Proveedora La Perla S.A. de C.V. is committed to the welfare of its clients. This overall direction involves that its qualified and trained personnel have the responsibility to adopt, enforce and document the pet foods defense program to avoid alterations to their products and to protect the health of their consumers.

Safety and Quality Objectives

  • Meet international food safety standards
  • Develop quality products that fully meet customer expectations
  • Reduce the occurrence of accidents by maintaining safety standards
  • Optimize the resources used in the manufacturing of our products in order to obtain higher returns
  • Ensure product safety through the compliance with the specifications of raw materials, packaging materials, and the finished product.
  • Maintain standards of safety and quality through the compliance with the training programs and the training of personnel that are involved in the manufacturing of our products.


The family is the most important value, and that’s why we excel, work and struggle daily looking after our safety, health and welfare.

When there is respect there will always be peace and harmony, wholeness and timelessness; with that comes a good working environment and happiness

Honesty is a part of our values, which has helped foster trust and a good relationship with our customers and suppliers over time

As individuals we demand responsibility and total commitment to ourselves, as colleagues and a team we endorse each other’s responsibilities

Service is always at the forefront of our business by delivering our product on time and in accordance with the customer’s order, as they are the most important people in our company.

Self Improvement
When the search for constant improvement is sought after and shared, it multiplies and turns into success.